Piping Fabricator

The fabrication and installation of piping system in oil refineries is based on the design drawings. To learn and work in the piping system, a thorough understanding of the lines, symbols, acronyms, measurements, codes and standards are given in the drawings should be ensured. Pipe Fabrication is the technology that enables the fabrication of the piping system.

The Pipe Fabrication Technology Course will give the trainees sufficient technical knowledge and skills necessary for the fabrication of piping system and thus make the trainees competent enough to obtain lucrative jobs in oil refineries, gas process plants, and onshore /offshore rigs.


Trained students become capable of understanding piping isometric drawings, piping & equipment general arrangement drawings and hand sketches. Students are given clear ideas and authoritative knowledge on piping components such as pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, gaskets, and stud bolts. They are taught the piping specifications which are based on those of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Trainees become skilled enough to find the perfect measurements to fabricate pipe joints, line assemblies and intersections as per drawing. Necessary knowledge will be obtained by the trainees about personal protection and health & safety measures related to the fabrication equipments and industrial environment.

Topics Covered

Construction Maths

This module prepares trainees to do the calculations they’ll be performing on the job site. Includes trigonometric calculations; unit conversions, metric and imperial calculations, linear and angular measurements.

Construction Drawings

Introduces trainees to the different types of construction drawings and how they represent for a job. Learn to read and understand piping isometrics. Prepare as built drawings (isometric) as per field measurement. Prepare bill of quantities out of a given drawing.

Piping Components

Explain the definition of pipe and pipe fittings, difference between pipes and tubes, identify pipes by class, schedule and NPS, and identify different types of valves, flanges and fittings by its class and schedules.

Layouts & Templates

Explain how to prepare templates, development and layout geometrical patterns.

Basic Safety

Covers need-to-know information about personnel, equipment and environmental safety, how to use personal protective equipment (PPE), how to perform basic construction tasks safely, how to prevent accidents and what to do if it occurs, how to put you into safety habits, how to maintain ‘good housekeeping’.

Hand & Power Tools

Provide training how-to-use basic hand tools and equipment safely, tools powered by electricity and pneumatically, such as welding machines, drills, grinders and other common construction equipment. Also covers maintenance instructions and safety tips.

Hands-on Fabrication

Practical training to cut pipes, plates and steel sections by using oxyacetylene flame cutter, make pipe bevels by using angle grinder, prepare joints, make pipe spools, pipe supports, develop and fabricate untrue fittings such as mitered bends, straight and lateral tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, base supports, reinforcing pads etc.

Fires and Fire Extinguishers

Covers how fires are start. How fires are classified, how to prevent fires, how to extinguish small fires, how to identify the proper fire extinguisher, how to use a portable fire extinguisher, how to inspect your fire extinguishers.


At each stage of the course, tests and exams are conducted to assess the ability and understanding of the trainees. A final examination will be conducted at the end of the training to evaluate the competency of the trainees. “Diploma in Piping Technology” will be issued on successful completion of the training.

Admission Criteria and Course Duration

  • Eligibility: 10th class pass / HSC / ITI / Degree / Diploma
  • Age: 20 yrs and above
  • Duration of class: 2 months

      Course Materials

      Creative Technology is the one and only training institute in India that uses their own published and copy right protected books for the oil and gas piping training programs. All materials for training purpose will be issued on free of cost, such as course books, writing pads, pen & pencil, calculator, safety equipments (for practical training) etc.

      Career Opportunities

      There are enormous opportunities for Pipe Fabricators and  Pipe fitters in oil & gas and petrochemical industries in this fast developing country and ever growing multi-trillion dollars oil & gas industry in Middle East and African Continent.


      Kochi is the vast avenue for foreign recruitment for the oil & gas industry; and Creative Technology is the potential place for trained and technically efficient piping personal for the foreign recruiters. Our placement record is nearly 100% of the previous batches and many of the candidates selected within their course duration. Most of our students walked out with job in hand even before they got certificates. Hundreds of young aspirants from all over Kerala, other states of India and even from foreign countries  have found their way to a prosperous life through our job oriented training.

      We make sincere effort to assist our successful students to attain suitable job in the oil-gas and related industries. However, it is not necessary to guarantee job for the candidates who have completed the course.

      Accommodation & Food

      Sharing accommodation and food can be arranged with nominal charges.